Interested in Learning How To Use Pay-Per-Click Effectively?

Ready to Integrate PPC into your Inbound Marketing? Our Guide: 'How to Use PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Effectively' Explains How.

And helps you focus on getting found online.

Pay-Per-Click (aka PPC or Adwords or Paid Search) can be confusing.

Although it's a terrific addition to the inbound marketer's toolbox, if you've not used Paid Search much, it can be expensive and inefficient. That's where Simple Marketing Now's Guide on How to Use PPC Effectively can help you.


This 20-page guide outlines the thought process for using PPC strategically to support your inbound marketing strategy. 

Simple Marketing Now's Guide on How to Use PPC Effectively will explain:

  • How paid search differs from organic search
  • How to use paid search
  • How paid search works
  • How to develop an effective paid search strategy
  • How to measure the results of your paid search campaigns

It also includes tips for strengthening your organic search results before getting started with paid search and 15 tips for getting started with PPC.

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